Wednesday, 31 December 2008

iSchool project

Have been away for a while but am back with a new and exciting project just about to be launced. iSchool  takes the plans created for new BSF funded school buildings and builds them accurately in Second Life main grid and teen grid so that all the key stake holders in the process can visualise and interact with the build.

Saturday, 1 December 2007

Google earth now in stereo

In a similar way to how we got Second Life working in stereoscopic 3D, Google earth is now working on the system and looking amazing. So imagine the scene, a group of pupils controlling a flight simulator from the Grand Canyon to the Lake district, comparing rock formations or creating models in sketch-up to visualise how their new school might look. There is so much that can be done with Google earth and now the 3D system gives even more clarity of understanding of the 3D nature of the globe, mountains, valleys, and other geographical features along with all the available models present in the world.

Saturday, 1 September 2007

SL in glorious stereoscopic 3D

We have put SL through our 3D stereoscopic system using a cloning software and the environment works beautifully. The world appears rich with loads of depth and gives you a whole new viewing experience of SL. I imagine this will be a great addition to a class using SL so that when the facilitator wants to emphasize a point they can bring the pupils together to view SL in stereo with the glasses on and create a memory hook with that exaggerated experience for the students to hang the information on.


Well what can I say about SLCC? I think 'organic' would be my main description. An emerging world using emerging technologies run by an emerging company and loads of academics and entrepreneurs tending the growth of the whole thing. And that was how it felt at SLCC, networks growing, ideas growing, things fitting together but all in a fairly seemingly random way. The first day was a bit like the first day at college when you know no one and a beer is required to pluck up courage to dive into the groups that obviously already know each other.
I was encouraged by the direction most of the educational speakers were going in and on the last day i got an invite to look around the Chicago VRLab to see what 3D stereoscopic technology they are working on. The trip was very worthwhile and very tiring - glad to be back...

Saturday, 25 August 2007

First day of the conference

It took to the first session for me to realise I need to be here. The MacArthur institute talk was a - 'yes this is what I've been saying' moment. We are in a time that requires us to work towards new paradigm shifts. From - education to learning - consumption to participation - individual to social - direct transfer to imagination. Take a look at the mindmap for more notes.

First day in the city

Having a look around the city B4 the conference starts.


Well I am here in Chicago and after about 20 mins found myself in the middle of a storm. Come from the worst summer weather since records began and I get this!! Still I am not here to lay in the sun :)
Met up with some of the SL top dogs tonight - the guys from rivers run red, the maker of the famous bubblegum machine and ice skates, the owner of the Azure islands and more...